Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cluster Phunk

Outer Space rock mixed with trippy and far-out instrumentals.
Bookings: Jim “the Wingman” [707-655-5137]


Monday, September 23, 2013

Elaine Brown

Seen here performing at Gathering of the Tribes' "Serial Music Live" at the Townhouse in Vallejo (401 Georgia st.), September 20th, 2013!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Scum the Dog

Seen here performing at Gathering of the Tribes' "Serial Music Live" at the Townhouse in Vallejo (401 Georgia st.), September 20th, 2013!

Deejay Missayah

Contact: [] [415.298.9860]
Spinning an eclectic mix of soul, funk, motown, r&b, underground, classic, and golden era hip-hop, electro, electronica, reggae and pacific island sounds. Her mentors and deejay influences include deejays Jahyzer, Coop D'ville, & Shortkut.

Resident DJ in the "Serial Music Live" showcase, 3rd Fridays, 9pm, at the Townhouse in Vallejo [401 Georgia st.], produced by the Gathering of the Tribes' affinity network!

With music sets performed on Ozcat Radio 89.5FM KZCT in Vallejo, Fridays 9pm to Midnite, broadcasting to the northeast San Pablo bay area, online at []!

Upcoming Events...

Thursday January 16th-
@ Region SF, 139 Stuart Street, San Francisco CA. 94105 (btwn. Mission & Howard)
Join us for an evening of the Soul, Funk and R&B stylings of deejays Missayah, Slowpoke and Jahyzer. 8pm-2am
Free before 11...$5 after.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Contact: Swollen Knuckle Records []

Reverbnation [link], and on Facebook [link].
This mob of 5 Bay Area raised musicians are products of  '80s and '90s music & culture, with members are Arlene Taylor (singer/songwriter), Silas Coral (lead guitar), Dave Johansen (drums), John Naas (bass) and The Cleeze (rhythm guitar). They write: In addition to our desire to join the ranks of other players, we feel like it's important to keep live and original rock music alive and preserve the tradition for future generations. Influences span genres and decades, and each member brings their own unique style of playing and/or writing to the mix. The end result is original yet familiar guitar driven rock and roll. We're down to earth, and no one in the band thinks they will become a rock star. We just want to play shows, share some good live music, and for everyone who comes out to see us to have an awesome time rocking out.  

Friday, September 13, 2013

SAMVEGA (Napa Valley)

Psychedelic musicians from Calistoga:

KrazyRace (Modesto)

[] [] []

"Do U" Ft. Sick Jacken & Gutterfame []

"Interview with: KRAZY RACE"
Interview done for R.H.H.R. by Xicano Vince of the Modesto Brown Berets de Aztlan []
Xicano: Where did you get the name "Krazy Race" and what does it mean to you?
KrazyRace: Krazy Race started off as a group name in the early 90s of my rap crew. The name reflects & represents our people, we are a Krazy Race. We are so many other things besides that of course, but being raised a Chicano in LA you could see where the Krazy Race name came from.
Xicano: What movements do you support or consider yourself a part of?
KrazyRace: I support all movements that are truly down for the people & organizations that support or help our youth. I love to see all the grass roots organizations that arise from the inner city communities to help their own community.
Xicano: How long have you been politically involved?
KrazyRace: Since I was about 22 years old and started to see things in a different light. But even before then, I was already questioning society and our system.
Xicano: How did you become politically involved?
KrazyRace: I wanted to make a difference in my community & help my gente see the bigger picture of what was really going on a local and national scale. “Dedicated” was one of the first songs that I wrote to touch on this subject.
Xicano: Is hip-hop your only form of protest?
KrazyRace: Hip Hop is worldwide, so some of my political songs have been played in many countries and my songs have even been analyzed and broken down by professors at a university level in Chicano Studies and Ethnic Studies classes. One of them being Dr. Pancho McFarland who also wrote a book and published some of my lyrics in it. Besides my songs and lyrics, I have also marched during May Day rallies, Police Brutality rallies, & others. I have done many community outreach shows for our youth & gente.
Xicano: What does hip-hop mean to you?
KrazyRace: Hip Hop means the world to me, I can say it saved my life. If it wasn’t for my dedication to the culture and my passion for writing music with a message, who knows what path I would of took in life.
Xicano: Do you believe in revolution and what steps do you think we as a people need to take to achieve liberation from a corrupt/fascist government?
KrazyRace: Mario Savio, a Political activist, said this “There is a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can't take part; you can't even passively take part, and you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it stop. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people who own it, that unless you're free, the machine will be prevented from working at all!"
Xicano: What kind of music besides hip-hop do you prefer to listen to?
KrazyRace: I listen to Classic Soul, Classic Rock, Oldies, Corridos, & more.
Xicano: What is your long term goal as a hip-hop artist?
KrazyRace: I’ve already accomplished more as an artist than I ever imagined. A long term goal would be to continue to do music from the heart. To continue to stay true to my roots and not compromise because some label offers me a paycheck. I’m going to continue to do me. Krazy Race the name is much bigger than me. I represent for my people, our culture, our history and our future.
Xicano: What do you have coming up in the short term?
KrazyRace: New Krazy Race album titled “The International Project” will be releasing late August or early Sept of 2012. What makes this album different from all the rest is, 100% of the production is from producers that live all over the world. 10-13 countries will be involved with this album including Mexico, Japan, Italy, India, France & more.

Moogstar (aka Baby Cameo)

[] [] [] []


Mikelle Morgan (Oakland)

Welcome to the official site of Mikelle [], Soul Singer Extraordinaire

Swamp Dogg (Elder of Soul)

The Swamp Dogg Times []

"The World Beyond"

"Synthetic World", soul music from the year 1970 album titled "Total Destruction to your Mind"

2011 Folklife Festival in DC w/ Swamp Dogg & MoogStar & 4th of July Parade

Dum Spiro Spero (Oakland)

Self described as "A Gypsy Death Train that Crashed in Kentucky"

the Crux (Santa Rosa)


iLL-it Beatz

credits include: iLL-iteracy, Chris Prythm, Will Spitwell, Speek Eazy, Young Observe, Kimbro, Lloyd Banks, Raekwon, A-Wax, Gonzoe, Fred the Godson, Glasses Malone, and growing.
Let's make it happ!

Add us on Twitter. We are always doing music!
@iLLiteracy  []
@chrisprythm  []
@will_spitwell  []
@speekeazy  []
@youngobserve  []

iLL-it Records
[] []
iLL-it Discography download (436mb zip file) [link]

SignaTrue series 2012 album download (zip file) [link]
Signa True Clothing [link]

[] []
Podcast: Get new tracks, new beats, everything automatically. Just copy the link below and insert it into your preferred Podcast player to subscribe (Podcruncher pictured below). Add us up!

Giant Girlfriend (outer space hip-hop)

[] [] []
Giant Girlfriend is a 5 piece local band from Oakland, featuring MCee ORUKUSAKI, a conscious hip-hop rapper who toured with Bones Thugs-N-Harmony in South Africa. Contact [].
GIANT GIRLFRIEND music videos [link], including "Oakland CA" [].

Funnelheads from SoCal

[] []
Funnelheads manager Justin Skoll []
Their first project which is currently out was mixed and recorded with Louis Richards (Sublime, Matisyahu, The Dirty Heads, and Rome) at 17th Street Studios.
The lead singer has recently been in the studio with Diamond Platinum producer Ronnie King (Tupac, Blink 182, Offspring, Mariah Carrey, Social D).

"Love is King" []

Midnight Raid (Northbay)

[] [] []
Pulling from a breadth of influences, Midnight Raid has created a refreshing original sound for the times we live in. While staying true to the spirit of the reggae genre, the band focuses on offering a number of musical experiences in every song by adding tastes of rock, funk, soul, punk and latin styles. The band’s eclectic sound translates into an exciting live show, and mixed with themes of economic, social, and environmental justice, Midnight Raid is bringing audiences to a higher level of consciousness.

Comfort Slacks (Napa)

[] []

Comfort Slacks playing live at the 2012-09-22 "Wine on the Water" benefit show for victims of sexual predators. foto Brian Cox

Deluna (Napa)

[] [] [] []
The lineup: Serafino Barnabei, lead singer; Lalo Angel, base; Brandon Orta, drums; Cole Armstrong, guitar; Alli Wyman, keys; Donny Dixon, guitar
Deluna is a Napa, California sextet drawn together by a dedication to music in its purest form.
Their style lies where artistry of lyric and complexity of arrangement meet to form music with depth and dimension. Symphonic, electronic, ethereal, stirring, reserved at moments and unbridled at others, Deluna strives to fall outside of common musical boundaries.


Decoyz (Northbay)

Shenanigans (Benicia)

[] []
for booking contact us @ []

"Hey Daddy-O" (Live at the swollen knuckle sweatlodge)[]

D.U.B. (Vallejo)


Skunk Funk (Vallejo)


"Irie Side and Spiritual Warfare" Live Performance []

Live at Billcos, Napa. 3/11/11 []

Bankrupt District (Vallejo)


MRR 145 demo review

Death Under Fire


The Buttercream Gang


Raz Indio, Blazin' outta Belize

[] []

"FYAH" []

"Awake Yourselves" Medley feat. ROOTZVILLE & BGYEA []

Pion 2 Zion (Napa)

Members: Eric, Danny, Mike, Rizzo, Sam, Chad and Michael

Pion 2 Zion is a high energy reggae band hailing from Northern California. The line up has changed over the past 5 years of their existence but the energy and good vibes remain the same.
Pion 2 Zion has been playing the North Bay area since 2005. Collecting an audience who can’t help but be captivated by the soulful sound that their reggae rock mix produces. Being influenced by many genres’ and artist such as Sublime, Bob Marley, Slightly Stoopid and many more, Pion 2 Zion has built a good repertoire of great original reggae-rock and ska songs of their own. Danny Payan and Eric Payan, who are brothers, have also been experimenting with Spanish lyrics intertwined with reggae dub beats which brings a cultural flare to the stage.
Pion 2 Zion has had the pleasure and honor to have shared the stage with bands such as, The Wailers, Del Mar, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Iration, The Mystic Roots Band, Top Shelf, 3rd Alley, Josh Fischel and countless others.
Pion 2 Zion has been in the studio working on an EP. Once finished they will tour the West coast gaining more fans and spreading their love and music.

Trevor Lyon (Napa)

[] [] [] []

"Prophets" with Trevor Lyon, Bobo David, Ras Indio

"Good Will Come" Ft. Ras Indio []

"A Fool I Used To Be" []

Sellassie (San Francisco)

Booking and Info: [415-484-5704] [TINYURL.COM/2RACKSRAP]
Watch the New Video: []

Sellassie has carved his niche as a leading progressive voice in San Francisco Bay Area Hip Hop.  With an acclaimed and award-winning debut release, I’m Tryin’ to Make a Livin’ Not a Killin’, a recent follow-up, Sins of Your Forefathers  and a brand new release, Stop Hatin in the Bay Remix by Traxamillion, this upcoming emcee has garnered a street level buzz with a fresh perspective.   Sellassie is proof that there are young black artists that can make music that is creative, street, positive and smart.  He stands firm to his message, has a charismatic presence and is evidence that not every rapper raps negatively, glorifying drugs, guns, women, money or their ego.  He is also the creator and co-producer of the Independent Artist Series, We All We Got + 2Racks Rap Contest.   Producing over 90 shows on the calendar in the last 2 years in over 15 markets nationwide, the series have distinguished themselves as premier outlets for independent artists.  He is also working with many social, political and youth based initiatives, and is a contributor to various special projects and initiatives.

Presented by Inhouse Talent and hosted by Revolutionary Poet Sellassie is creating a movement for upcoming and independent hip hop and packing clubs for new music.  2Racks is a fast-paced, single-elimination rap competition where emcees perform original songs head to head in front of celebrity and industry professional judges, competing for a $2000 cash prize.  Designed to expose interesting and determined fresh talent, cultivate relationships, and build community, 2Racks is innovative where most of the music performed at the show, almost no one at the club had heard before.  With 26 shows to date, awarding $52,000 to independent Hip Hop Artists,  2Racks is the newest component from Inhouse Talent, creating a fun and unique environment to discover and support independent artists.
2Racks Rap Contest creator, co-producer and host Sellassie is an independent hip hop artist, entrepreneur and activist.  With an acclaimed debut release, I’m Tryin’ to Make a Livin’ Not a Killin’, and a new follow-up album, Sins of Your Forefathers, Sellassie is carving his niche and shining as a leading progressive voice and face of independent Hip Hop. Although inspired and motivated from reading hundreds of books, Sellassie is self-taught and came up on the streets. Sellassie’s lyric is rooted in a deep comprehension of the world around him. He writes on domestic and world politics, international relations and community needs, corporate thuggery and the obstacles independent artists face. He has seen first hand the problems that his music addresses. He has seen black on black crime, homicide, the plight of drugs and money destroying his community, and witnessed the decay of Independent Hip Hop. In addition to the new record,  Sellassie has built a revolutionary show series WE ALL WE GOT and 2Racks Rap Contest, is working with many social, political and youth based initiatives, and is a contributor to various special projects including the film, “It Doesn’t Cost Nothin’ to Dream.“
2Racks Rap Contest is a series, with national stops in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Orlando, DC, Austin, San Francisco, Berkeley, Seattle, Las Vegas and Honolulu.  With 2Racks and WE ALL WE GOT, the team has produced over 100 successful events in the last two years in more than 15 markets.  Our shows are independent artist created for independent artists.  With the pulse of the streets and the heart of the people, 2Racks Rap Contest is determined to pack clubs with new music and cultivate a thriving environment for emerging talent.

FOODie (Fairfield)

[] [] []


Age Scott


  Anotha day, anotha show - APE 2005

Our first book - Hood Issue 1. Originally released March 1996