Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Urban Seeds (Soul / Hip-Hop)

Urban Seeds are an innovative Seattle-based hip hop/R&B/Soul group with a heavy reggae influence, known for conscience lyrics and live instrumentation. The band is composed of B.U.D. (MC, singer, songwriter) Joe Reyes (Lead Guitar, Singer, Songwriter), Andrew Stauffer (Keys, bass, harmonies, songwriter), Justin Hills (Drums, songwriter).
 Their debut album, “Grow”, released 2012-01-06 at Kube 93.3fm of Seattle, is produced  independently and distributed through the grassroots. With their performances and rapidly growing local fan base you should be hearing about these guys a lot real soon!
 Do You Want More?!!!??! The album includes no samples & was recorded live at their personal studios giving it that extra touch!! Their HOT singles "Shady People," "We Can Get it on," & others are already on demand and growing in several college markets!!  Think "The Roots" mixed w/ "Sublime." [www.urbanseeds.net]


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