Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Freedom Shrine (Napa)

Classy experimental fusion of Rock, Electronic, Grunge, Punk, with members Jonny Skull as the blues, funk, and rock bass/guitar player, Sparky on the guitar, and The Atomic Adam! on the drums.
Formerly known as the Echo Project (Napa), Jonny Skull and The Atomic Adam! have worked together and with others for over 6 years, releasing their album "Philanthropissed" during 2013 with their hit tracks "Sounds Like Grunge" & "Time Well Spent", as heard on Gathering of the Tribes radio, broadcast courtesy of Ozcat Radio, 89.5FM in Vallejo!

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Philanthropissed, the Freedom Shrine album, is available at []

2013-11-20 Update from the Tribe: The band known as the Echo Project is now known as the Freedom Shrine. They are releasing a new album in 2014, so be on the look out for Johnny Skull, the Atomic Adam!, and Sparky as they bring the songs of Freedom Shrine to the Gathering of the Tribes in 2014!

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