Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Freedom Shrine (Napa)

Classy experimental fusion of Rock, Electronic, Grunge, Punk, with members Jonny Skull as the blues, funk, and rock bass/guitar player, Sparky on the guitar, and The Atomic Adam! on the drums.
Formerly known as the Echo Project (Napa), Jonny Skull and The Atomic Adam! have worked together and with others for over 6 years, releasing their album "Philanthropissed" during 2013 with their hit tracks "Sounds Like Grunge" & "Time Well Spent", as heard on Gathering of the Tribes radio, broadcast courtesy of Ozcat Radio, 89.5FM in Vallejo!

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2013-11-20 Update from the Tribe: The band known as the Echo Project is now known as the Freedom Shrine. They are releasing a new album in 2014, so be on the look out for Johnny Skull, the Atomic Adam!, and Sparky as they bring the songs of Freedom Shrine to the Gathering of the Tribes in 2014!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Skunk Funk Soundsystem

Enjoy life! Stay Positive! Much Respect to all of Humanity! 
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Eclectic, funky and pure irie, Skunk Funk sprung up from the streets of Vallejo, California to bring every crowd they woo an inspiringly animated experience. A spellbinding fusion of Funk Rock/Reggae Ska, the festivities begin once word of mouth brings Skunk Funk to town.     
Originally started by members Bobby “Bobo” Roses, Nick Rose and Aaron Schulman in 2009, the 3 established a sound beyond classification and the birth of a new wavelength in art and music. They jammed as much as they could for a year before being put on hiatus for almost a full year after that. After Aaron returned from his trip, the 3 began jamming for a short period before Aaron departed permanently for college, in which Whitty (Nick Whitmire) filled his drumming duties. In addition to Whitty, Nick’s younger brother Thomas came home from Oregon to join the band just in time for 2012.  Nick (Rose) eventually moved on to new aspirations as well as former bassist/vocalist Thomas, whom joined the band for a brief 8 months.
With their new, current line-up consisting of original member Bobo, Mickey-T, Max G, Cuban-B, Nick Whitty, Robbie G and Jimmy T their sound is as solid as it ever was. With Bobo spitting his scorching vocals, laying down vibrant yet heavy bass lines and funky madness you can never turn your head away. Cuban-B drives hard with his poetic emcee philosophies. The group is completed with the tribal, loud and heavily syncopated drum styling of Nick Whitmire and the soulful, Latin-inspired, shredding guitar and smooth vocals of Max G. In with the brass is Robbie G (Trumpet/Keys) and Jimmy T (Saxophone) to help create the newest and brightest Skunk Funk melodies with flavors of Jazz, Salsa, Ska and Funk all blended for consumption by many and all ears.     
Composed, the six manifest a sound so distinctive and high energy it’s as if they are embracing the musical reincarnation and uprising. What remains to be seen is where they get their influences, which can range anywhere from Sublime, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Primus to Mac Dre, Fishbone or Chet Baker. What the band sees, feels and experiences, is also what the people who listen hear. In fact, they pay so much homage and reverence to their idols that SFS has become a force of their own. Slightly comedic and always in your face, these boys will fire up the crowd upon introduction.    
Skunk Funk has had the pleasure to share the stage with a plethora of artists of different styles ranging from Indubious, Junior Toots,  Ras Indio, Mystic Roots, Prezident Brown, King Hopeton, Clear Conscience, Thrive! and many more. SFS has made it onto the bill of many great festivals including City of Trees Reggae Festival, Sacramento Hemp Fest, Jefferson State Hemp Expo, Reggae In the Trees, Bottle Rock Napa Valley 2013 and more! They have only been able to bless the greater North Bay/Northern California and Southern Oregon areas as well as parts of Nevada with their all-around feel good vibes and music. They take pride in not only music as an entity but as a way to communicate to people of all creeds, religions, races, cultures and climates of all things seen righteous and equal. Skunk Funk will continue to strive for the better days through art and greater existence.