Wednesday, September 18, 2013


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Reverbnation [link], and on Facebook [link].
This mob of 5 Bay Area raised musicians are products of  '80s and '90s music & culture, with members are Arlene Taylor (singer/songwriter), Silas Coral (lead guitar), Dave Johansen (drums), John Naas (bass) and The Cleeze (rhythm guitar). They write: In addition to our desire to join the ranks of other players, we feel like it's important to keep live and original rock music alive and preserve the tradition for future generations. Influences span genres and decades, and each member brings their own unique style of playing and/or writing to the mix. The end result is original yet familiar guitar driven rock and roll. We're down to earth, and no one in the band thinks they will become a rock star. We just want to play shows, share some good live music, and for everyone who comes out to see us to have an awesome time rocking out.  

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