Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Leehoward's Musical Universe

Leehoward [707-567-6655] [leehoward@leehowardproductions.org]
As sideman, bandleader, composer or solo recluse, as a World Music Producer & Bassist Leehoward is always creating music and has been laying out the groove for over 3500 years now. Leehoward is at it again, leading a fine new set of musicians including a violinist, an amazing world class drummer, John Waller, ambient world guitarist, Trevor Lloyd- and an assortment of guest artists join us from time to time.

"We call it World Pop full of groove/texture/dynamic- some classic covers/instrumental/danceable-listenable. I see it through the eyes of gratitudes and mercies, inner and outer musical worlds blending and bending between parallel dimensions. Music proves there is another universe-an alternate galaxy...a conversational place of tones, colors, blessings and light... one we can inhabit together- We are witnesses to the power of music to transform, transcend, lift up and fill you, sending you off into your day, refreshed and confident... This music we play is groovin, textured, rhythmical...mostly original, with a few juicy covers thrown in for spice; these are some of my great old songs- done in a fresh new way- with new players and a great new vibe. Please come. Its built for dancing." -leehoward, at Hunkerdown Studios, Spring, 2013

Currently booking for this upbeat, fun and thoughtful music!
Coming to a venue near you!

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