Thursday, October 30, 2014

All about the music...

The Gathering of the Tribes has produced Liberated Zones and various FM radio shows, as an outlet for the talent in the San Pablo Bay and adjoining regions [link]. The musicians featured here  are all independant artists who are being recognized for representing what they do the best they can. Visit their pages and support!

MisDemeanor's Hitlist
Thursdays, 3 to 4pm, with the Best in Bay Area Bangas, Part of the Northbay Uprising radio showcase [link]! Check out MisDemeanor's Rap Sheet [link]!

Turf Talk (Vallejo) [link]  
Guda Mac
(McBride Ent.) [link]
Macwon (Vallejo) [link]
Peezy (Concord) [link]
Holliewood King (Dem Graffiti Boyz) [link]
Jay Bravo (Richmond, CA) [link]
Shoddy Boe (Vallejo) [link]
Rappin' 4-Tay (San Francisco) [link]
BreadLeon thaGoGetta (Pittsburg, CA) [link]
Miss B. [link]
2EZ (Fairfield) [link]
O.S.C.Y.I. (Vallejo) [link]
Kobra Abysmal (Vallejo) [link]
Jerad (Vallejo) [link]
Mr. Apher (Vallejo) [link]

 Gathering of the Tribes radio
Featuring music on the Northbay Uprising radio showcase [link], and morningshow with...
The Buttercream Gang (Napa) [link]
Down Dirty Shake (Northbay and San Francisco) [link]
Skunk Funk (Vallejo) [link]
D.U.B. (Vallejo) [link]
Shenanigans (Benicia) [link]

Decoyz (Northbay) [link]
WORD (Vallejo) [link]
Atlas [link]
Deluna (Napa) [link]
Comfort Slacks (Napa) [link]
The Echo Project (Napa) [link]
Midnight Raid (Northbay Reggae / Rock) [link]
Funnelheads (SoCal) [link]
SAMVEGA (Napa Valley) [link]
Leehoward's Musical Universe [link]
Cluster Phunk [link]
The Pallet Jacks [link]
The Yaks (Vallejo) [link]
Brothers Beard (East Bay) [link]

Skunk Funk Soundsystem [link]

Punk Rock!
Bankrupt District (Vallejo) [link]
Atomic Machines [link]

Death Under Fire [link]

Scum the Dog (Vallejo) [link]

Blues & Folk
Dum Spiro Spero (Oakland) [link]
the Crux (Santa Rosa) [link]
Swamp Dogg, Elder of Soul [link]
Mikelle Morgan (Oakland) [link]

Mentes Diferentes (Sacramento) [link]
Revolutionary Eseibio the Automatic (Oakland) [link]
MendoDope (Mendocino) [link]
Semaj the Poet
Lyrical Profet
(Vallejo) [link]
Urban Seeds [link

Raz Ceylon (Oakland) [link]
Age Scott [link]
(Fairfield) [link]
Sellassie [link]
Giant Girlfriend (outer space hip-hop) [link]
KrazyRace (Modesto) [link]


Trevor Lyon (Napa) [link]
Pion 2 Zion (Napa) [link
Raz Indio
(Blazin' outta Belize) [link]
Irae Divine (Bay Area) [link]
Arden Park Roots (SoCal Reggae) [link]
Lazy Sunday [link]

DJ and Beat Makers
iLL-it [link]
Moogstar [link]
DJ Missayah  [link]

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